Thursday, November 14, 2013

Belief to Believers (John 4:49-54)

       We're back on the subject of John and I'm going to do a verse by verse again on John 4:49-54

  • John 4:49: because this man is called "the official" we can assume He is somewhat like Nicodemus (click here for more details). Jesus was his last resort, all the official had left to turn to in order to save his son.
  • John 4:50: Jesus didn't hesitate when He claimed that the son would live. Remember, He was fully human at the time so although He was God, it was like He had downgraded His body and power. Being fully human Jesus didn't have the power to heal the sick alone. Instead, His strong and constant connection with God and faith in God allowed Him to confidently assure the official his son would be made well without even seeing the sons condition. The official didn't question Jesus, instead of begging Him to come to His house and touch his son, he believed Jesus whole heartedly.
  • John 4:51-53: His son is healed! This is so encouraging to  us because it proves that when we ask Jesus, He can heal anyone, no matter how far away they are! Also, His son started to recover at the exact time Jesus said He would so it was clearly by God's strength and mercy the he was made well. But something even cooler than spiritual healing happened that day, the official and his whole family believed. They were saved by the power of Jesus because Jesus believed in God's strength! That's what we are supposed to do. When we believe in the strength and power of Jesus, we can be a part of bringing salvation to others!

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