Monday, April 28, 2014

Gethsemane: the theory

   Please read Mark 14:32-42 before continuing. It would also be nice if you would read my last post (Gethsemane: where God broke His heart and His son) as well for a little more info on this story. Thanks! :)

   My amazing pastor pointed out something very interesting that I hadn't noticed about this story. His observation was that when Jesus prayed, the only disciples that where near Him were sleeping yet somehow Mark was able to record what Jesus said. What I'm about to type isn't entirely factual but I personally think it is a neat and plausible theory. It is based off two verses and a little bit of imagination! :)
   The first verse is in Acts 12 where it mentions that the disciples often gathered at the house of John Mark. The same John Mark who wrote the gospel of Mark. This John Mark was very likely the son of the family that let Jesus eat the Last Supper in their home and at that point in history John Mark would have been a young boy.
   The second verse is a random, seemingly out of place verse found only in Mark: Mark 14:51-52. It describes a young man who had been hidden in the garden and managed to escape just in time for no one to discover his identity. So, now for the theory (I will be calling John Mark "Mark" for short).
   What if the Last Supper took place in Mark's parents home. All of Israel was extremely fascinated by Jesus and it's doubtful that Mark would have been an exception, especially since Jesus was with His disciples upstairs. It doesn't seem to unreasonable to say the he spied on them a little during their dinner and when they left for the garden, snuck out after them. While the disciples slept, Mark (concealed in the trees) got close enough to Jesus to here Him praying. He stayed hidden so that he wouldn't be sent home and ran away out of fear when the arrest of Jesus took place. Mark may have included Mark 14:51-52 to show us that what Jesus said is factual information.
   Another interesting thought is that the young man described in Mark 14:51-52 is said to have been wearing only a linen cloth. I think it is quite possible that that cloth could have been his pajamas seeing as it was very late at night.
   So while that theory is not fact I think it is extremely plausible and interesting to think about.

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