Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Four Reactions

   Last night at my Bible Study we studied John 20. It was amazing and I learned an incredible amount, so much that there will be like 6 separate posts on this one chapter so prepare yourself for an information overload!:)This post is about the four different reactions Jesus loved ones had to His death. Please go ahead and read John 20 before reading these posts. (It would probably be better to go ahead and open your paper Bible because I'm not going to link everything in these posts.)
   These are the four reactions to the fact that Jesus is gone from His tomb:
 1. Peter and John - eager
 2. Mary - sorrowful
 3. Thomas - doubtful
 4. Disciples - fearful

   These four reactions are probably some of the most common reactions to new developments in our faith. Sometimes we're Peter and John, eager to see for ourselves and do something even if we aren't exactly sure what we're supposed to be doing. Other times we are Mary, letting our grief overcome us temporarily blind us to the truth until Jesus appears to lift us up. Often we're Thomas, doubting what we hear or whether it really is Jesus speaking. Unsure of what to believe and refusing to do so until Jesus has come and given you absolute proof. But my personal most common reaction is that of the disciples, fear. Scared to go out and proclaim the miracle and salvation of Jesus because of what may happen to me if I do.
   If you're a human and follower of Christ, chances are you've responded with these emotions at some point in your walk with Jesus. Maybe you're in the midst of responding in one of these ways right now. Maybe your reaction is a combination of the ones above or something totally different. Well, no matter what you're feeling, I have good news for you! Some 2000 years ago, Jesus sought out each of these people and their different reactions and responded in the way that they personally needed so that the end result was belief! The good new? Jesus is still alive and active! Just as he met Peter and John and Mary and Thomas and the fearful disciples where they where, He will do the same for you! That is the hope that we as Christians can always cling to and a promise from God that will certainly come true!

An extra, interesting thought:
Here's some food for thought from one of my leaders in regard to the fearful disciples: "How crafty Satan is in causing the most life giving things to appear the most frightening."

A more personal note from me:
   While I often react with these emotions to specific events, I also have a little bit of a 'meh' reaction/mindset a lot of the time. I feel comfortable and complacent about where my faith is and lose my eagerness to learn more about Jesus and do more for Him. I intellectually know that actively following is better but a part of my subconscious seems to be refusing to believe it. This is not a suitable reaction at all considering all Jesus has done but if you too ever feel this way, let me assure you, Jesus will meet you and your complacency where you are and start deal with it as soon as you let Him, just like He did for me last night!

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