Friday, May 2, 2014


   In John 20:4, we learn about how John and Peter ran towards the tomb as soon as Mary told them the "empty news."* And John outran Peter. John was propelled towards the tomb by his love for his Lord, by his belief and anticipation, and by his desire for the truth. Clearly John was capable of running faster than Peter so he did! Because he was pursuing Jesus and He knew that Jesus is most important, he knew he had to try as hard as he could to get their as fast as he could even if that meant leaving others behind. And even though he was a little slower, Peter didn't let up either, he was running as fast as he could, some of us just have a bit of a faster pace*. Peter was not discouraged because he knew that when we do the best we can for the Lord, we are pleasing Him immensely. Even if our best doesn't seem to be a good as our neighbors best, in God's eyes, it is.
   How I with I could be like Peter and John. Outrunning others to reach the truth of Jesus because of my love and belief and anticipation. One of my leaders said that this made her pray that each morning she would have the the "outrun mindset." The one that fills you with joy at the thought of waking up early to be with God. The one that leaves you unabashed at the thought of singing and dancing and proclaiming Jesus' name. The one that makes you ignore everything else in the face of Jesus and, in focusing solely on Him, bless everyone around you. I encourage you to try to see Jesus as someone you would outrun everyone else to get to. And if you can't, pray that one day you will!

*I think it's funny/ironic how the reality of an empty tomb is what gives us full life! :)
*This is so cool and metaphoric because John also had a faster spiritual pace but Peter didn't let that discourage him from loving and understanding and obeying Jesus in that sense either!

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