Friday, May 2, 2014


   Many people (myself included) have trouble believing in a God they can't see or hear or touch or discover with their five senses. But here's the thing, God has no need or desire to interact much with our physical self, He chooses instead to reveal Himself to our soul. And if we are too stubborn to believe in a God we can't sense physically, then our soul's senses aren't in good working order or, more likely, we've never learned to use them. And if many people have never learned to use their souls senses, why is the world does God reveal Himself in a way where you need a soul to detect Him rather than a physical body? 
   The reason behind God's chosen method of interaction with us makes much more sense when it dawns on us that Jesus isn't saving our physical self, He's saving our soul. Since this is the case, of course our souls are the most important part of us to Him and the part He wants us to use when getting to know Him since it's our souls that will continue to interact with Him through eternity.
p.s. I just had that little thought when I was writing my Digging Deeper post so there it is! :)

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