Saturday, February 22, 2014

Frozen (love-part 2)


   I know I did a post on love in Frozen earlier but I thought of a couple more cool examples that I wanted to post! :) Once again, this WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS! So if you have not seen the movie please go watch it and then come back and read this post!!! :)

1) Anna's love for Kristoff:
     Anna's love for Kristoff is shown most in her excitement and  openness towards him. This is especially evident in the new    sleigh scene. She is so excited about every tiny aspect of what  she gives him and makes sure it's perfect and that he'll love  it. She is also completely aware that it's a gift he'll never  be able to repay her for but her only concern is him. This is  like how God cares about every tiny aspect of our lives and  each little aspect is a perfect gift from Him. He knows that we  can never repay Him for anything He gives us but any  hesitations due to that fact are completely overridden by His  astounding love! 

2) Kristoff's and Sven's love:
     Sven loves Kristoff more than anyone else because of the  unique and perfect way Kristoff understands Him. Just as  Kristoff is the only one who understands Sven completely, God is  the only one who will always understand us. No matter what we  say or how we say it, God knows our heart and intentions and  never doubts or misinterprets our meaning. This is a truly  amazing God quality because it is unique to your relationship  with Him and eliminates all misunderstandings. God knows our  hearts (Luke 16:15).
3) The Troll's love for Kristoff:
     As the "Fixer Upper" song makes us well aware of, the Trolls  know all about every bad characteristic Kristoff possesses but  that in no way lessens their love for him! God is the same way  with us. Every bad quality we have is out in the open with God  but His affections for us are just as deep as if we were  perfect. 

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