Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Utmost for His Highest

   This year I started reading My Utmost for His highest, a daily devotional featuring exerts from the sermons of Oswald Chambers and compiled by his wife after Oswald's death. Everyday God speaks to me in astounding volumes through this books and my relationship is growing before my first month with the devotional is even over. I strongly recommend My Utmost for His Highest for anyone who is ready to listen to God in a new and convicting way and follow Him wherever He leads! 
   Oswald Chambers and his wife lived a very long time ago so a lot of the words in the original devotional are a bit old fashioned and out dated. My particular book was actually edited by a man named James Reimann so that the words were a tad easier to understand but the content is still the same! I would recommend the edited version but since I've never read the original I'm sure it's really good too! 
Click HERE to buy/order the original devotional book.
Click HERE to buy/order the edited version of the book.
My version of the book looks like this but there are many different covers.

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