Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Purpose Driven Life

   Sorry for so many book reviews and recommendations so fast but lately my study time with God has been so rich and full so I really want to share with y'all the amazing resources that are making it so. Of course, your time with God will never be rich unless you make sure to invite Him to teach you through whatever you're doing! :)
   A good friend and I are reading a book called The Purpose Driven Life together. It has 40 chapters and you're encouraged to read one chapter a day. The book talks about how to live with and for a true and eternal purpose, God's purpose. There are some bits I would phrase a little differently or don't fully agree with but for the most part this is a great read! It is written by a man named Rick Warren and provides extremely interesting insight and thoughts regarding living for Christ as an individual and with others. 
   There is a variety of study journals and Bible memorization books to accompany the devotional if you want but I just have the book and am getting a lot of out of it alone. 
To buy The Purpose Driven Life, click HERE.
To visit Rick Warren's book website click HERE.
My version of the book is pictured below but, as always, the same book can and will come with different covers! :)

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