Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Power of Love

    Due to my frequent posts about love I'm sure you've picked up on the fact that I've been think a lot about love lately. This is because pretty recently God has been revealing to me the magnitude of His love for me (and you!). I'm constantly being amazed by the strength with which God loves us and the more aware I become of His love for me, the more I desire to love Him back and follow Him in everything I do.
    Earlier this month I was writing Valentines Day cards to soldiers and I put in some lines about God's incredible love for them when I thought popped into my head. Like we saw in last weeks post about books and the war one the week before, love is an extremely powerful force. In fact, (for those of you who didn't read previous posts) I believe that it is the most powerful force because it alone has the power to change the heart and with the power to change a heart comes the power to change the fate of that individual. 
    So, the thought that popped into my head was that love is the most powerful force in existence and will continue to be that through eternity. Because God's love for us is greatest possible love, the most powerful force in existence is directed at us for all of eternity through God! I think this is absolutely incredible and I'm so thankful to God for this realization and the countless others regarding His love! I hope you find that fact as wonderful and intriguing as I did! :)

Biblical Evidence:
   For any of you who are wondering where I'm basing this Biblical I commend you for that! And will now proceed to answer you question.
   The Bible supports the idea that love is the most powerful force by saying the God is all powerful! He is capable of all things (Matthew 19:26). He is Lord and creator and His understanding is unfathomable (Isaiah 40:28). The Bible also says that God is love (1 John 4:8). And that God gives of His spirit to us (1 John 4:14) therefore His love is directed at us. So if love is the force that embodies the all powerful God (God/JC) and He gives us His spirit then the most powerful force in existence is directed at us through all of eternity through God!

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